Primaira - Projects

Consulting Projects

Primaira has recently worked on a number of significant consulting projects including:

• Various Technology Assessment Assignments

• Conducting simulations of flow pattern to validate efficacy of decontamination cycles applied to a large washers for biomedical research applications. Conducting technology and manufacturability assessments of novel steam generator technology for medical sterilizers.

Mechanical Engineering, CFD Analysis, Microbiology, Manufacturing, Cost Analysis

• Imported, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Range of Acceptability Analysis

• Supported the development of strategies for addressing natural gas quality issues to ensure safety and performance of gas-fired equipment

• Development of Safety Guidelines for Residential Kitchens

• Created content for kitchen safety video establishing a corporate communications strategy for safety and responsibility

• Presented perspectives at a National Symposium on Healthy Cooking and Kitchen Safety in Shanghai, China

• Consumer research on approaches to improve safety and
   reduce flammability of household products

• Defined research objectives and approach
• Developed focus group scripts and materials
• Facilitated consumer discussions and analyzed data

• Seminar on flame safety sensors

• Reviewed contamination mechanisms of flame safety sensors for gas-fired equipment

• Provided a seminar on the contamination mechanism and methods to mitigate the impact of the contamination