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Product Definition

Primaira, LLC offers Product Definition tools, methods, and experience to ensure that your new products address the critical stakeholder needs and market requirements that will lead to the development of profitable, market-driven products. Our approach to Product Definition includes the following elements:

Product Requirements

We develop surveys, conduct focus groups, interview stakeholders, and conduct competitive analysis in order to uncover the critical user needs that will drive your product to market success.

Product Specifications

We translate market requirements into engineering terms that are measurable and verifiable.

Concept generation, review and down-select

We assemble multi-disciplinary teams to brainstorm innovative approaches to meeting product requirements in the context of your manufacturing capabilities and the cost targets for the product.

Intellectual Property Creation and Protection

We review existing patents, published patent applications, and existing product literature in order to develop, document, and implement a technical approach that can be protected and profitable.

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